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This is a list of the types of Workshops that Belladonna offers that would be perfect for your event, and having her come to your city to share her knowledge with your attendees and students.


Sword Stylization – Beginner Sword Workshop

Belladonna is a master of sword dance, well-known for her double sword work and her un-dulled scimitar balancing. Let her guide you through using your sword as a partner and infusing strength and purpose into your sword work. Swords are for more than just balancing – they can be sensual and powerful partners
The class includes information on the basics of choosing a sword that is right for you, sword care, techniques, and/or choreography.


Dangerous Beauty

An all new sword chorography Belladonna is known as the Baroness of Blades. Master sword performer and belly dance technician. This all new choreography workshop she shares her passion for sword dancing with you. Each movement is imbued with fierce and feminine power. Each transition is smooth and sultry, all while helping you to find more polish and precision in your sword performance.
**Please bring your own sword & knee pads


Scintillating Scimitar

Intermediate/Advanced Sword Workshop
Join Belladonna in this specialty workshop featuring her signature Bohemian Bellydance balanced moves and more! Belladonna will introduce you to her unique style of body balancing and carving space before leading you through technique exercises and a few sword combinations. Guaranteed to spruce up your sword dance and bring your fierce forward!
Previous sword dancing experience required.


Flesh & Fantasy

Double Sword and Body Balancing – Advanced Sword Workshop
Have you mastered the basics of sword dancing and balancing? This intermediate-to-advanced workshop focuses on adding another sword to the picture and teaches you what to do with it besides just putting it on your head. A ground-breaking sword bellydance performer, Belladonna will guide you through some of her signature body balancing moves and combinations. If you want to learn some of her sword secrets, this is the workshop for you!
**Previous sword dancing and balancing experience required.


Fusion Fragments

ITS – Femme Fatale duo
Indy & Sassafras A little flirty and a lot fierce, Belladonna brings you two of her favorite Fusion Fragments. The Fusion Fragments are a system of mini choreographies that link together though an ITS (Improv tribal style) language. This bohemian style was created over 8 years ago and just keeps getting bigger and better. In this workshop dancers will be introduced to the Indy and Sassafras Fragments and shown how to seamlessly link them together through a series of connective moves, cues and transitions. Participants will learn new technique, traveling and layering while tying together familuar classics belly dance moves. This workshop is fun, challenging and very rewarding! All levels welcome


Rattle Your Bones

Every shimmy, shiver, and shake in the book!
A workshop of shaking, quaking, shivering, and vibrating. Belladonna will lead you though over 20 shimmies with variations and layering combinations. Known for her ability to break down movements, Belladonna will deconstruct and reconstruct each shimmy in a way only she can, helping you gain confidence, endurance, and correct execution of movement. We will work on speed , accuracy, and timing, as well as layering shimmies over movements such as body waves, interior hip circles, vertical figure 8’s, and traveling foot patterns.
Open to all levels, some dance experience recommended.


The Brass Octopus

Tribal Fusion Choreography Workshop
This original choreography blends the mechanical prowess of science with the slinky moves of an invertebrate. Belladonna will take you on a journey of mind-warping layers, creative foot work, and odd-metered timing with a Victorian twist! Dancers will also delve into the world of character personification, male and female interpretation of movement, and incorporating a prop into a dance with prowess.
All levels welcome.
Participants should bring a pair of goggles, a top hat, or full skirt and a sense of adventure!


Rhythm Revolution

Rhythm Identification & Finger Cymbals for Tribal Fusion Dancers
Rhythm Identification re-invented. Every seasoned dancer should be familiar with the most popular Middle Eastern rhythms. Belladonna will introduce you to a series of industrial strength rhythms, tips and trick to committing them to memory, how to count them, and how to incorporate your finger cymbals!!

*EXPLORATION WORKSHOPS- healing, art & acting*

ME Time

Body Care for Bellydancers
We expect a lot from our bodies; from day-to-day activities to our practice regimens and performances. In this workshop Belladonna shares the secrets the keep her going after 14 classes a week. A workshop designed to wrap-up a busy weekend, she will focus on body care techniques to help relax over-worked muscles and introduce moves to help keep your joints lubricated and limber. Take the time to treat yourself and keep that body feeling great – whether at a festival, a workshop weekend, or if you just need to take a break and rejuvenate.
All dancers welcome.


Masterpiece Theater

How to make you your masterpiece!

Learn to use all aspects of performance to make a true work of art! Belladonna will discuss how to make all of the elements of your performance work together to make you look and feel your best. Includes discussion of themes, characters and storytelling – be it fierce, sultry, dark, or dramatic. In this workshop you will learn to use costuming elements, musical choice, hair and makeup design, staging, and lighting to make you your masterpiece!


Delving into the Dark

Reclaiming Your Power, Brilliance, Creativity, and Dreams
You must go into the dark in order to bring forth your light. In this workshop participants will delve into their dark side, address aspects of their personality, and learn how to bring those aspects into their dance. This will be an exercise in exploring and embracing all sides of your self  through personal examination and how to apply it to movement. You are an individual, with your own experiences and creative voice – now it is time to bring that into the light!

Dancing with Ghosts

Exploring your inner demons, your past life experiences, and your connection to your ancestors through belly dance.
Ghosts can come as memories, as energies, or as echoes of the accumulation of people it took to bring you here today. All of these can affect your sense of self. When we take the time to look into the ones that haunt us the most, we often can find out more about our true selves and our true natures.  We can use these findings to apply to our dance, in order to help us embrace both our true selves as well as the healing aspects that help with confidence, motivation, and goal-setting.

Practical Magic

Developing and Sticking to a Personal Practice
Have you been waiting for the right time to take your dance to the next level? Do you intend to practice during the week, but before you know it, it’s time for class again? Do you know you need to practice, but find it hard to remember to? Do you take notes at workshops just to get home and forget what they mean? If any of these describe your situation, then this workshop was designed especially for you!
 Belladonna has developed a system for creating a personal practice schedule that is easy to follow and very “practical” for your everyday life. When you make your practice a part of your daily routine it is like “magic” how quickly your body adapts the new muscle memory. This workshop will help you learn how to take notes and be able to read them later, assist you in setting goals and reaching them, and educate you in self-evaluating and creating a plan to help you get where you want to go in measurable and attainable steps.

Why So Serious?

Cultivating expression & stage presence
Tribal belly dance is often seen as a more “serious” style of belly dance. Many dancers in an attempt to look austere tend to look bored or angry. In this workshop Belladonna will lead you through tried & true exercise to help you learn how to use the muscles in your face as accurately as you have learned to use your hips. Participants will also spend time learning and reviewing acting techniques to help with improvisation ability and how to apply the theory to their expression and dancing.


Tribal Fusion Immersion

Weekend intensive (12-20 hours)
host can select a variety of the above listed workshops and/or customise workshops for your area.
Suggestions for an  intensive weekend include: yoga and conditioning, goal setting, shimmies, ITS, Cymbals, drills and traveling, sword technique, staging and performance prep, and a tribal fusion history lecture.


Teacher Training

(Certification currently only available in DC)
Belladonna will share all of her secrets, tips and tricks that she has learned since she started teaching in 2000,
with over 3,000 hours of class experience.

Topics covered:
What makes a good teacher • Intro to Counting Music and  M.E. rhythms
• Anatomy for Dancers
• History of Belly Dance
• Finding a place to teach
• Class Room Etiquette
• Practice teaching & how that can help you be a more effective and efficient teacher
• Nuts and bolts of running a successful business
• Marketing
• Staying Motivated
• Introduction to BellaFuse technique and it’s benefits
• Level 1  curriculum and why it works
• Creating a lesson plan • Teaching to the right level and keeping your students motivated


Bohemian Blade Sword Certification program

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