Belladonna's Workshop Offerings

To Book Belladonna for your event, email: Belladonna
This is a list of the types of Workshops that Belladonna offers that would be perfect for your event, and having her come to your city to share her knowledge with your attendees and students.


Power & Prowess

Join Belladonna, the Baroness of Blades and Queen of Swords for an ALL NEW Scimitar workshop!
In theses uncertain times Belladonna will lead you through some embowering movements with a big ass blade!
This workshop will focus on mastering your weapon as well as mastering your mind. We will move though exercises for strength and centering with emphasis on power, purpose and prowess.
All levels welcome

Cutting Through the Darkness

Cutting through the darkness to find the light.
A sword technique and moving meditation workshop.
We are inundated with media, social, family and economical information every day. Our lives are often busy and over booked and we find ourselves over stimulated and running on fumes.
Belladonna created this first of its kind workshop to help you step out of the mundane, to step into your power and to literally help you cut through the bullshit.
Dancers will learn some of Belladonna’s signature sword techniques, tips and tricks and will use them in a guided movement series intended to help you free yourself from some of the ties that bind you and help you energetically cut away from things that no longer serve your quest to live your best life.
No experience necessary Please bring a dance appropriate sword

Sword History

Belladonna delves into sword mythology, philosophy, history, and power!
No experience necessary! We will have a Powerpoint presentation and lots of inspiring information, for the novice and professional alike!
More than just a dance prop, swords are a weapon. They are a symbol representational of different things in different cultures. Swords are laced with a long history and lots of mystery that surrounds them. In this lecture, Belladonna will discuss the history, iconography, and evolution of swords in our society today, as well as their role as a partner in belly dance.

Sword Care & Maintenance

Sword Cleaning Social! Come hang out & show your steel a little love! Clear off the table, get out your supplies and let’s clean out blades and chat!

Sword Stylization – Beginner Sword Workshop

Belladonna is a master of sword dance, well-known for her double sword work and her un-dulled scimitar balancing. Let her guide you through using your sword as a partner and infusing strength and purpose into your sword work. Swords are for more than just balancing – they can be sensual and powerful partners
The class includes information on the basics of choosing a sword that is right for you, sword care, techniques, and/or choreography.

Healing for body, mind, and spirit

What Are You Wearing?

Ethnographic Jewelry lecture
Many of us enjoy adorning ourselves with beautiful ethnographic bits and baubles. Some of which even have come to have special significance to us. Often though we do not know where these antique pieces came from, who made them and what they symbolize to their culture. In this lecture, Belladonna will explore and discuss some of the most popular “tribal” jewelry styles and pieces and their origins and significance. Dancers will gain an introduction to the Bedouin, Berber, Taureg, Maoi, Nepalese and more.


Body & Mind Prep for Festival Success - Saturday

Start your weekend from a centered place.
So much happens in such a short time at a dance festival. Often lack of sleep, travel fatigue, performance nerves and just the excitement of a festival can make you lose focus. Join Belladonna as she leads you through some of her student's favorite "rolling around the floor" movements to help prepare your body for a full day of new dance techniques, performances, and photoshoots. Bella will also use her unique approach to help you mentally set yourself up for a successful weekend. We can absorb, learn and move with grace when we are subtle and mindful. Great to help you feel refreshed, retain more of your workshops and for performance and photo shoot prep! No experience necessary. Yoga mat, blocks, and strap recommended

Recover, Restore & Reset - Sunday

Whether you need to recover from a late Sat night or you are looking to kick start a fantastic Sunday, this class is for you!
Belladonna knows what Sunday morning can feel like when you have been over stimulated, overly stressed and super excited! This class will focus on taking a moment to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and reboot your adrenal system, meaning "rest and digest" and "refill your cup". One hour of restorative practice, stress relief and vitality restoration. Great to help you feel refreshed, help retain more of your workshops and for performance & photoshoot prep! No experience necessary. Yoga mat, blocks, and strap recommended