Bella’ Trix is an edgy tribal fusion belly dance company directed by Belladonna. Formed in the fall of 2004, it is the goal of the company to further their dance education and gain performance experience. These ladies strive for excellence in technique, expression, musicality and creativity in their dance. Bella’trix focuses on creative choreography, prop use and Bohemian ITS.
Members: Sarah, Jesse, Angie, Matan


DashKhaleen is a Gothic and industrial Tribal Style Improv student troupe directed by Belladonna. DK’s focus is on their own version of ATS, ITS and sword dancing. They enjoy the darker side of the belly dance spectrum and aim to create expressive and intricate performances.
Members: Lily, Jesse, Matan, Rowanne, Layla, Kacy


Khallazar is the DC sister troupe to DashKhaleen and BellaTrix. Focused mostly on Bohemian ATS and ITS, Khallazar also wonders into sword play and  choreography from time to time.
Members: Ce, Jennine, Griz, Vicki


Belladonna’s professional dance company out of Washington, DC.
Kivahalla was created as a next step for the members of Belladonna’s student troupes who are ready to go pro. It is also one of Belladonna’s favorite projects.

We specialize in tribal and tribal fusion belly dance. Boho ITS, ATS, Sword dancing and Boho Sword improv.

The name Kivahalla comes from the Sanskrit word Kaivalya (कैवल्य), is the ultimate goal of Raja yoga and means “liberation”.  And Valhalla, the Norse hall of Odin, where the Valkyries bring 1/2 of the fallen heroes in preparation for the final battle.

These terms are fused together just as our dance is. We aim for liberation in dance… liberation from the constraints of daily life, mundane responsibilities and from other people’s expectations.  And we prepare for battle as we prepare for performance. We train, we adorn our war paint and our armor as we apply our makeup, costumes and jewelry.