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Belladonna is renowned for her groundbreaking and powerful approach to sword dancing. Beyond her dancing training, her experience in Medieval reenacting and years of research, practice and performance, have lead her to develop a unique system of sword work, unlike any other.Due to the popularity of this approach and her love of dancing with a sword, she has created a sword training and certification program to help dancers who are inspired by her work, take their sword wielding to the next level.
Imagine an entire weekend of sword work! All swords, all of the time!! And every intensive weekend includes a Sea of Swords hafla! The only bellydance show in the world (thus far) to feature ALL sword work! You won’t hear it here… “we already have a sword dancer”… we are ALL sword dancers! Each dancer has their own expression, story to tell and unique dance to share. We want to share in our sword sisterhood (and brother hood) and celebrate your love of dancing with a sword!
Level 1- Apprentice
Level 2- Technician
Level 3- Warrior
Level 4- Specialist
Level 5- The Artist
Level 6- Master
*All dancers being at Level 1 and proceed consecutively tough the program.
*Completion of the previous level is required in order to take any level higher than level 1.
 *Certification of the previous level is required in order to certify in any other level.
* With certification you receive:
   -An official Bohemian Blade Balancing certificate.
   -A specialty tank top with your level of achievement on the back
(you can’t purchase these… you must earn them!)
   – A listing on Belladonna’s website.
   – Discounts on future Blade Balancing workshops, merchandise and private online coaching.

The Apprentice: level 1

The history of Sword dancing
Why a sword?
Choosing the right sword, care, cleaning, storage and transporting
Strength training and conditioning for sword work
Intro to Belladonna’s approach to Blade Balancing
Intro to Belladonna’s signature vocabulary of moves (the technique & philosophy)
Held moves
Balanced moves and traveling drills
Intro to transitions
Supporting details and putting it all together

The Technicians: Level 2

Journey assessment
Strength training and conditioning
Working with your non-dominant hand
Intro to floor work
Intro to body balancing and drills
Balanced drill combinations
Level changes and transitions

The Warrior: Level 3

Journey assessment and program updates
Strength training and conditioning
Grips and grip changes
Intermediate Held moves
Intermediate Balanced drills
Comprehensive intro to BTST (Bohemian Sword Tribal Style) Held vocabulary
Comprehensive into to BTST Balanced vocabulary

The Specialist: Level 4

Dancers must prepare a piece for the weekend. (improvisation preferred)
Discussion- Ritual, purpose and muscle memmory
Introduction to Bohemian kata & Atlantian Sword kata
Advanced combinations &  floor work
Emphasis on execution, improvisation and group improvisation

The Artist: Level 5

Coaching and group discussion
Strength training and conditioning
Partnering & group moves
Developing your own sequences and transitions that work within the Bohemian Blade Style.
Participants in the Grand Master program are required to learn a sword choreography by Belladonna as part of their test.

The Master: Level 6

The weekend’s focus will be on polishing & precision.

Now that you have been introduced to concepts, moves, combinations, floor work, grip changes, an extensive held and balanced vocabulary, group improv and choreography… it is time for us to make it all as sharp and precise as possible!

Level 6 participants will have the opportunity to present the piece that we build during the intensive.

Participants will be required to prepare 2 combinations (1-3 counts of 8) with a clear cue. These combinations must keep in mind planes, transitions and tricks.