About Soul Armor

What we wear helps us navigate this world. I create Soul Armor to help you change your stars.

Many cultures and belief systems believe in the protective and healing powers of talismans and amulets.

My passion is to learn about, educate and share the inspiration of these meaningful materials and adornments. I aspire to blend each aspect with healing stones and imbue them with intentional magic, reiki, and prayers. I also hope to create beautiful and engaging pieces that are palatable for everyday wear.

Each piece of Soul Armor is designed with the energetic properties of the elements in mind.

I work with antiques, precious and semi-precious metal & stones to create one of a kind pieces for personal empowerment.
I know a piece is "perfect" when it looks like it "belongs" that way. I often include mixed metal and other elements to help keep the cost down.

Each piece is created to be a statement piece or to work with your favorite pair of jeans.

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoying working with, creating and getting to know them.

with Love,


These are some examples of previously purchased Soul Armor and are no longer available. To see what is in stock, please go to my online store to shop from my available collection.