Skella is the name given to the partnership and collaboration of SuperKate and Belladonna.
Belladonna and SuperKate began dancing together in the Spring of 2012. Long time friends, they were finally drawn to dance together by their mutual love of group improvisational belly dance. They began their foray into partnering sword work in the Winter of 2012 and shared their first double sword duet with the world at Tribal Fest(CA) that Spring.

Belladonna and SuperKate are driven to make time to dance together in order to have fun, and to push the boundaries of what they can do on their own.

Skella has had the privileged to perform and teach at variety of shows and events such as, Tribal Fest, Waking Persephone, Tribal Revolution, Spring Caravan and Raven’s Night.

Please contact Belladonna for booking information and workshop offerings.