Belladonna's Sword Stylization DVD


Belladonna's 1st DVD.
Extremely rare.

A belly dancer’s guide to powerful and purposeful sword technique: This DVD includes sword technique for both held and balanced moves, and is a complete primer for adding sword work to your dance repertoire. Additional topics include sword selection and care, sword choreography, and warm-up and cool-down exercises. The soundtrack features music by Collide and American Sinner.
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Advanced Sword Technique Scintillating Scimitar with Belladonna DVD


Extremely rare.

Belly dancing with a sword can be sensual and empowering. Adding the cold steel to the sultry art of belly dance can give your dancing a new purpose with a fierce edge. Proficiency with a sword shows in how you handle it, balance it, and incorporate it into your dancing. Belladonna is a pioneer of modern sword belly dancing and instruction. She has created a vocabulary of Bohemian Belly Dance blade movements, balances, and transitions designed to help you entrance your audience with clean technique, smooth transitions, and purposeful poses.

In this program Belladonna leads you through proper sword handling, planes of movement, making shapes, and carving space. She will also cover ambidextrous sword work and balancing, a variety of held and balanced moves with variations, body balancing, level changes, floor work, smooth transitions, and combinations.
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Double Sword Technique Flesh & Fantasy with Belladonna DVD

Belly dancing with a sword can be sensual and empowering; adding a second sword increases the level of daring, expertise, and prowess. Mastery of a single sword is impressive, and proficiency with two is downright show-stopping! Flesh & Fantasy is designed to help you move beyond working with a single sword, introducing the challenging and ambidextrous moves and transitions necessary to incorporate a second sword into your dance. The material in this program is directly related to the information covered in Belladonna’s previous instructional DVDs, Sword Stylization and Scintillating Scimitar.

Flesh & Fantasy features over two hours of content designed specifically for belly dancers. This double sword program will help you infuse strength and purpose into your double sword dancing and balancing.

Sevitor Sanctum 7

Music By Servitor Sanctum 7 
in collaboration with Belladonna

Most of the rhythms here will be immediately recognizable to belly dancers but keep in mind this disclaimer; because of the unorthodox nature of the overall composition, these Saidis may not be quite the same as the Saidi you know, as is the case with all of these traditional rhythms. Anything not in a common 4/4 time signature has been noted as well as the rhythm of origin if it is traditional. That being said, these songs are all designed for continuity so if you’re a belly dancer that needs to drill, these songs will remain at the same tempo and the same rhythm for the duration of the song. If any listener is looking for atmosphere, lots of drums, diversity, or something to jam out and perform to, there’s lots of that in there too.

01 BellaTrix – Saidi
02 Mas Booty – Masmoudi
03 Sinai Serenadi – Chiftitelli
04 Quarzazate – Morrocan 6/8
05 Banara – Karsilama 9/8
06 Dash Kaleena – Maqsum
07 Kaldi Latan – Laz 7/8
08 Seenqa – 4/4
09 Decastep – Samai 10/8
10 Tullon – Chiftitelli
11 Teatra Bohemi – Beledi
12 Klezmata – 9/8
13 Spin Irie – Ayoub
14 Bella D – Beledi

Click to listen to Sample track:
11 Teatra Bohemi clip