2019 Schedule of Events and Workshops

Level 3 – Warrior Sword Intensive**

Saturday, July 20th – Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Bohemian Belly Dance Studio • Washington, DC

Move beyond the basics and up the ladder of progress, difficulty and badasserie. The Warrior level is the toughest level of training yet. Belladonna will push your body and your mind in this exciting and technically challenging weekend. Break though what is holding you back and begin your work with the Boho tribe on an entirely new playing field. Level III gets you in the action and initiates you into the world of combinations, improvisation, group improvisation and more!

10am – 5pm Badass Blade technique and Heroic Held combinations

**Performance opportunities available to all participants

11am – 2:30pm training

2:30- 4:30 pm Level 3 WARRIOR test
Dancers must certify in this level to move on to the next.

**Participants must be level 2 certified or higher

** Please bring your sword, a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap and your notebook (3 ring notebook recommended).


Level 4 – Specialist Sword Intensive**

Saturday, August 17th – Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Bohemian Belly Dance Studio • Washington, DC

The Specialist level requires prowess and purpose in your blade dancing. Moving beyond mere technique, muscle memory and will power, Specialist training begins the polishing and application process. Level IV introduces the Bohemian moving sword meditation, reviews all of the combinations from level 3, a new set of moves and combinations and builds upon what you have learned by designating time for group dynamic practice.

10am – 5pm Training

7:30-10 Sea of Swords Hafla
** Participants must perform in the hafla

11-2:30 Training
2:30 Specalist Certification Test

**Participants must be level 3 certified or higher.


Level 5 – Artist Sword Intensive**

Saturday, September 21st – Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Bohemian Belly Dance Studio • Washington, DC

The Artist level takes your sword training to the next level. In level 5 we begin focusing on expression, musicality and creativity. Particpants must learn one of Belladonna’s signiture sword choregraphies from notes and videos before the weekend even begins. Dancers will work on goal setting, the development of individual combinations, discussion on personal development and performance review.

Saturday 10am-5pm training
7:30-10pm Sea of Swords Hafla – All dancers must perform a prepared piece with their sword

Sunday 11am-2:30pm training

2:30-4:30 Artist Test

**Participants must be level 4 certified or higher.
** Please bring your sword, a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap and your note book
** Please bring knee pads (soft volley ball knee pads recommended), athletic pre wrap/ foam wrap and toe-less/ heel-less socks suggested.



Belladonna’s sword intensive is a must for any sword dancer, regardless of dance style. Her open approach to not only the hows but the whys behind what she does helps give a greater understanding to the moves and technique. She challenges you to think about the choices you make to create a cohesive story and purpose for your performance. Delving deeper than just teaching tricks (which alone are worth the weekend), Belladonna takes you on a journey of the sword that better helps you understand its significance and symbolism and creates a deeper connection between the dancer and the weapon. Her real-world examples and advice are invaluable, and her teaching style is open and approachable. It is clear she wants her students to excel and is willing to take the time needed to help them do so. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her and am looking forward to continuing the journey. I highly recommend anyone interested in swords seize any occasion to take one of Belladonna’s classes or workshops. You won’t regret it.” ~ Nanette Blake

“The Bohemian Blade certification program is a great way to expand your dance technique and vocabulary as well as discover a new dance partner in your sword. Belladonna’a approach to sword training is thorough and well balanced. From the history of dancing with a sword, to building confidence, strength, and poise with your new partner, you will not be disappointed. In addition to technique and dance with your sword, Bella also covers strength training and centering through a specific yoga practice to help you condition your body and help prevent injury. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to truly enhance their craft.”~ Monica Troutman

“I cannot express enough how invaluable my experience in studying with Belladonna within her Bohemian Belly Dance Sword format and program has been. Belladonna is a teacher that welcomes you feel like dance family and also encourages you to, not only dance with your sword, but with your heart. In studying with her I have grown to love and develop both my relationship with my sword and with myself. Belladonna’s teachings are extremely experienced, well-rounded, restorative and challenging. I highly recommend this program to any dancer with a sincere interest in sword dance! Words cannot express all that I have gained in studying with Belladonna!” ~ Crissy Marie

“The Bohemian Blade Sword Program is awesome! It has completely changed my approach to sword; physically, mentally and spiritually. It has also created a bond with fellow sword enthusiasts through out the Bellydance community. I look forward to continuing the journey on this creative adventure.” ~ Kimala Nar

Bella’s Sword Intensives are extraordinarily empowering. I was afraid to even handle a sword, prior to taking her Apprentice Intensive, but under her expert guidance and desire to share what she has learned over the years, she made be feel safe, secure and, dare I say, graceful with my sword and accompanying movement. She gives you a thorough breakdown of the proper handling technique, teaching you how to handle your sword respectfully and safely. She has a strong understanding of how to condition your body so that you can expand your range of motion and not injure yourself. She begins each workshop with a targeted yoga practice to help open you up and receive the energy to make the most of the sword techniques you will learn. I felt very aware and centered before I even picked up my sword, which I am sure is by design. Bella leaves no detail out and is attentive to each student. You can clearly feel her passion and how much she loves to teach. I went from being afraid of handling a sword to wanting to choreograph a sword piece! I will forever be grateful for all she had done to improve my confidence. She’s amazing! ~ Donna Sullivan