BoHo Belt of Achievement Program

The Bohemian Belly Dance Belt of achievement program is designed exclusively by Belladonna as a way for her students to measure and show off their progress. These one-of-a-kind belts are hand made by Belladonna herself.

Each level of testing has been created to help students develop their technique and expertise and each level gets you new decorations for your unique belt. All belts will be custom sized and are based on Moroccan and Western designs. They are genuine leather, hand-stamped, and dyed. Great for streetwear, performance and class they are proof of your belly dance education and an article of costuming you will be proud to show off!

All participants must start with the level 1 test. Everyone needs to have proficiency in the basics before moving up the ladder. After level 1 you may test in whatever order you are prepared for, however, the levels are designed to be cumulative and it is suggested to stick the ladder in some manner.

Also please note this program has been created to help you develop in a logical manner as a dancer. It is a well-rounded introduction to the limitless world of belly dance. Other advanced programs will become available as the BellaFuse student develop.

Open drop-down tab (below) for a list of moves that you must learn to earn your level requirements.

LEVELS 1 - 10

Level 1 – Boho Building Blocks

Achievement: Black or Brown Bohemian Belly Dance Belt

The complete curriculum from the Bohemian Building Blocks

(all moves right & left dominant)
weight placement- weighted vs unweighted
hip singles up / down
alternating singles
ribs forward
upper back/ upper abs
rib twist
Shoulder singles front / back
shoulder singles up/down individual / alternating
head slides
pelvic locks front/ back
interior hip squares
Rib slides side to side
vertical rib diamonds
shoulder squares individual / alternating
2 part moves / 4 part moves
external hip circle
internal hip circle up/down
vertical pelvic circle (ummy)
horizontal rib circles
hip twist
horizontal fig 8 front to back/ back to front
horizontal rib fig 8 front to back/ back to front
vertical hip fig 8 up to down/ down to up
vertical rib fig 8 over to down/ down to up
shoulder fig 8
wrist fig 8

Level 2 – BATS basics

Achievement: Silver or Gold lettering

Must know and demonstrate:
The complete curriculum from the basic BATS (Boho Articulate Travel & Synchronize)

Rock Step variations 1,2,3 & 4 (previously called Arabic)
HIp bump
Traveling hip Bump (choo choo bump)
Twist Shift Step (previously called Basic Egyptian)
TSS 1/2 turn
3/4 Shimmy (weighted on the up)
3/4 Shoulders w/drop
Double Back
Double Back 1/2 turn
Turkish Shimmy
4 Corners
Reach & sit Singles with arms
Doubles with arms
Reach & sit
Water Pot combo
Romka spin
Ghawazee Shimmy combo
RS Twist - Flourish (rock step 4)

Wrist circles
Snake arms
Arm undulations
Body wave with hands and arms
Body wave w/drops
Reach and Extend (previously called Camel)
Corkscrew turn
Propeller turn
Wrap Around turn
Helicopter combo
Down to up V8 with arms (taqsim with arm undulations)
Maya Push
Ribs and Wrist
Taqsim 8s
Low Maya

Level 3 – Choreography

Achievement: Silver studs around edge of belt

Must know and demonstrate:
Participants must be able to perform 2 complete choreographies solo.

A Little Wicked (single sword)
Dangerous Beauty (single sword)
Hold On (double sword)
Back from the Fire (double Sword)
*other choreo taught and approved by Belladonna

Level 4 - Fusion Fragments

Achievement: Silver Conchos

Must know and demonstrate:
Starter 7 connective moves
(DU-V8, TSS, Double Back,
Turkish Shimmy, RS Twist, 3/4 Shimmy)
*cues to get into moves (5-8)
*cue to change lead
*6 fragments including cues

AirShip Pirates
Johnny Rhyall
Milk & Honey

Level 5 - Fusion Fragments Intermediate

Achievement: Gun Metal Studs

Must know and demonstrate:
All connective moves
(Starter 7 plus- Maya Push,
Ribs and Wrist, Taqsim 8s,
Low Maya, Body Waves)
*cues to get into moves (5-8)
*6 fragments of your choice

Alternate Reality
Chasing Stars
Chills & Thrills
Dark & Twisty
Fairy Ring
Fusion Fuel
Lazy Summer
Mischief Managed
Ooie Gooie
Prim & Proper 2.0
Sassy Swank
Shimmy Shakedown
Short & Sweet
Silver Screen
To Close for Comfort
Topsy Turvey
World Falls Down

Level 6 - Rhythm and Counting

Achievement: Brass studs

Must be able to identify and count:
Moroccan 6

Level 7 - BATS and Cymbals

Achievement: Clear Rhinestones

Must know and demonstrate:
all BATS movements with basic 3 cymbals
Double Back (355)
Sununda (373)
4 Corners (31313)
Sahra turn
TSS full turn
Calibrated spins

Level 8 - Advanced Technique

Achievement:Black Rhinestones (clear)

Must know and demonstrate:
Dancer must execute a variety movements with various timing, traveling and layering.
Staccato movements (locks)
Cyclical movements
Powerful arms
Belly rolls
Facial expression
Use of Space

Level 9 - Solo Improvisation Ability

Achievement: Brass chain

Must know and demonstrate:
The dancer must show skills and ability to use technique and rhythm training in order to successfully use improvisational dancing to express a surprise piece of music. Demonstrate timing, rhythm, melody, emotion etc.

Level 10 - Solo Choreography Creation

Achievement: Silver Chain

Must know and demonstrate:
Dancer must create, and perform a one of a kind choreography.
Participation in the Performance Craft series is encouraged.
Concept/ character