About Belladonna's Bohemian Bellydance

Bohemian Belly Dance is the umbrella name and descriptor of Belladonna’s belly dance business, production company, and system of modern tribal and fusion belly dance. Bohemian Belly Dance is committed to providing high quality and creative dance instruction, events, performances and products.

As a business owner, artist, instructor, and director, Belladonna is driven by her desire to make creative expression easily available to those who may find it hard to tap into on their own, due to work, family, busy schedules and responsibilities. Her focus is on creating classes, educational programs, music and training that are safe, meaningful, well researched and fun. She uses her dance education and training, as well as her hunger for knowledge and experience in art, design, and energy healing, to help make her programs authentic and one of a kind.

The goal of Bohemian Belly Dance is to inspire and cultivate the seeds of enlightenment, healing and self-expression, and self-awareness that can grow from the practice of tribal and fusion belly dance. Bohemian Belly Dance aims to provide high-quality instruction and create spaces and opportunities for dancers to find, develop and express their personal truth and creative voice.

Bohemian Belly Dance was founded in 2009 by Belladonna.
In true bohemian style, we are not constrained by the social norms, we are driven by creativity, freedom, the beauty in the world, passion, performance, art, music, nature, culture, truth, and of course love.

Bohemian Belly Dance believes in fueling the belly dance spark inside of every dancer and aims to share that light with others. We dig deep and experience the full spectrum of human emotions and channel them into dances that are full of life, healing and expression. She and her students practice and teach the BellaFuse technique. This system is based on a new and modern approach to an ancient dance form. The BellaFuse technique is formatted to be a holistic approach to belly dance, stimulation the body-mind & spirit of our dancers. It is muscularly specific and safe for your body as well as technically challenging, rewarding, healing and empowering.

BellaFuse technique is for dancers of every persuasion.
Dancers who practice this style of dance find:
 A gateway to personal empowerment. 
Better fitness. 
Improved coordination
. A better mind-body connection, a way to develop their creative voice
. Healing, acceptance of their body and self.

Embrace • Freedom • Beauty • Truth • Love