"Lazlo is a perverted Danny Kaye"
~Kate Bornstein~

"A Crazy Genius!"

"A Disarming Talent..!"
~Roxy Velvet~

Lazlo Pearlman is a creator, performer, director, teacher and voice over artist whose work is often but not always generated by his FTM transgendered experience.

He has been making performances since he was 10 years old, first inspired by an obsession with black and white musicals, comedies and film noir. He has made his way through (and returned to) many performance forms including physical theatre, performance art, installations, cabaret, burlesque, vaudeville, fetish shows, camp/parody, clowning, film/video and even the occasional piece of "straight" theatre.

Lazlo holds a Master's degree in Physical Theatre, has created four one person shows, dozens of short solo works, written and directed short films, as well as collaborating with and directing many other performing artists. He has taught his workshops in the US, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Recently he was cast as the protagonist in a forthcoming film about the art of "Faking"… shot in Barcelona, and was a featured artist and workshop leader for the 10th International Drag King Extravaganza in Columbus, Ohio; for the Edgy Festival in Montreal, Canada; as well as teaching for the International Workshop Festival and Wise Thoughts in London, Weisensee Arts School in Berlin, and for the performance troupe "Kisses Cause Trouble"… in Paris.

Lazlo is available for bookings of all sorts: performances, long and short; workshops, talks and lectures; direction, performance coaching and voice over work.