Carnivale Transfabuloso

Created, curated, directed and hosted by your own Queer MC Lazlo Pearlman,
for 500 genderqueer and friendly people’s experiential pleasure,
the mind traveling Carnivale Transfabuloso appeared
for one midsummer night in 2008, as part of Transfabulous the Third,
and titillated all of their senses with a myriad of
International Trans and GenderQueer performances and performers
who appeared throughout the night, throughout the building.

See pictures of the night here:

The Performers Were:
The amazing Moritz: European FTM Acrobat and Circus Performer
Queer MC – French Trans/Butch Live Original Rap

The world premiere of a new piece by local faves Dartagnan and Muslequeers
Bird La Bird – Maker of Tranny Lovin’ Electro Tracks

Paola Cavalin and Laura Bridgeman,
premiering an excerpt of their genderqueer physical theatre piece
“The Ballad of the Smoking Gun”

A Special Appearance by RollerGrrl

Our Amazing Djs were:
Super Hot Electro from Super Hot Parisian Boi DJ Wet

And SuperSTAR DJ “Holestar – the Tranny With A Fanny”: