"Lazlo is A Perverted Danny Kaye,"
~Kate Bornstein~

"A Crazy Genius!"

"A Disarming Talent..!"
~Roxy Velvet~

Lazlo is an American performance artist and actor, currently residing in London. A dashing chunk of self-styled masculinity, his original and slick acts draw inspiration from all corners of experience, from gender issues to dinner for two. As accomplished in his one-man shows as he is on the cabaret circuit, his sexy, messy act is not to be missed.
-Outsider's Trust Erotic Awards

"Lazlo Pearlman has a dramatic stage presence
and a damn fine voice." Unhung is "Hilarious," "a bubbly frolic."
-Backstage West.

Pearlman's Unhung is "Concise and elegant."
Tony Frere, Producer, Production films

Unhung is "Courageous and totally inspiring!!"
Pete Lee, performance artist, Mao's Boys

"Once Lazlo Pearlman was a lesbian who loved musical theater.
Now he's a gay boy with a pretty interesting story to tell"

- OUT Magazine

"The gender question mark known as Lazlo Pearlman has cross- and double cross-dressed back and forth so much it's a wonder he was able to fill out his census survey."
- Glue Magazine.

"Lazlo's dedication to breaking down stereotypes and barriers,
exploring gender and sexuality and making opportunities for people to work in new ways
makes him an exiting new contributor to the LA Arts scene".
- GLAMA award winner Barnes

In the "awe-inspiring" 'Girl Without Hands', Lazlo and his co-director "expertly transformed the unusual playing area into a mystical domain, utilizing brick alcoves, docking platforms and barbed wire fences as if they were always meant to be the backdrop for a fairy world."
- LA Weekly.

"Rousingly staged, director Lazlo Pearlman's ninety minute
"Romeo and Juliet" is rude, lewd and bursting with audacious energy"

- Seattle Times.

"Lazlo Pearlman's "Madame X" plays with a verve
that explains why 'groovy' rhymes with 'movie.'
- Seattle Times

"Leave it to a tranny to get the last word on controversy"
- LA Weekly