Performing the Explicit Queer Body:

Utilizing examples of my own work and that of several of my performing contemporaries in Western Europe and North America, this lecture looks at the use and effectiveness of nudity and explicit sexual content in current "Queer" performance work.

Visibility of the non-normative is crucially important to all of our lives, queer or not, as it gives us the opportunity to see beyond our internal and external (social) conditioning. And artistic content, in my view, cannot truly be separated from its creator in any performed work.

This is particularly the case in “politicised” work.

This lecture looks at several artists whose work attempts to create personal artistic visibility and use that visibility to problematize normative and fixed ideas of gender and sexual identity, using the explicit (nude, sexualized, fetishized) body, through discussion, text, video, and still imagery.


The Body As Mask – Gender, Identity and the theatrical state of play.

Explore and “play’ your identity- gender and otherwise - as a full body mask, through improvisation, observation and movement; the concept, critical theory and practice of Genderfuck; Grotesque-ing and Burlesquing the body, Dragging (King and Queen), and the discovery of the state of Neutrality.

What is identity, what is gender? Is it fixed and core, or is it mutable? Are the clothes we wear and the ways we move, relate and ‘act’ tools to announce to the world ‘who we are,’ what gender we are, what our sexuality is, our class, our background, our cultural allegiances, or are they a full body ‘Mask:’ our personal performativity, that shifts and changes as we maneuver through our lives and the world? Can we identify and capture our identity ‘masks,’ and make the wearing of them a playful and usable choice in the contexts of theatrical performance and our daily lives?

In this workshop students will explore and play with the personal identity and gender mask and through this, discover what could be core, what could be mutable, and how to enjoy and play with these, both on the stage and on the sidewalk. We will define and explore our individual masks of identity and gender, and what is it to wear someone else’s mask or the mask of the gender- or cultural- ‘other.’ We will discover how to remove these masks and understand how the resulting state of neutrality is useful to us as theatre makers and human beings.

The Body As Mask/Performance
Generating Techniques

• Columbus State Undiversity, Ohio, 2008,
• Weisensee Art College, Berlin, Germany, 2008
• Edgy Festival   Montreal  2008; 
• Jackson’s Lane theatre   London  2007;  
• International Workshop Festival  London 2006; 
• Wise Thoughts  London  2006 &  2007;
• Kisses Cause Trouble (Parisian Performance Troupe)  Paris  2006; 
• Performance Studies Department at Hull University, Hull, Britain  2006

Performing the Queer Explicit Body
• Ohio State University, Sexuality Studies,
Ohio, 2008,
• Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London, London, 2008

International Drag King Extravaganza
10 panel facilitator,
Panel “Transmen On Stage”
IDKEX Columbus, Ohio, 2008

Recasting Gender, panel speaker
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 
London, 2008

Neo-Feminist Burlesque Symposium, Featured Speaker
Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London, London 2007

Directing Your Own Performance
Highways Performance Space,
Los Angeles 2006