Directed By Jo Sol, Produced by Zip Films,
Barcelona 2008

Lazlo recently finished shooting (as the protagonist) the film "Fake Orgasm‚" (Working Title).

Currently in Post Production,
‚"Fake Orgasm‚" is an exploration of the cultural requirements for everything to be binary ‚ Male or Female, right or wrong, black or white, good or evil, yes or no, and ‚"Fake Orgasm‚" or "Real and an artist's struggle to get beyond the idea of only two ways to go."¶


Mirror Mirror
Directed by Zemm Moffat

A look into the underground world of the first years of
Club Wotever, then the only genderqueer club in London. Lazlo was one of the original group of performers.


  Unhung Heroes
Lazlo Ilya Pearlman, writer/director/co-producer

The first and still as far as we know only FTM fiction comedy about five transgendered guys and their memories, fantasies and dreams about being a guy without a dick. Distributed by Frameline.


Fun With A Sausage
Written and directed by Ingrid Wilhite

Lazlo's (then ‚Ilya)‚ first film appearance in 1984, in this early dyke gender-bending comedy. Lazlo plays the dyke offended by the bending (and the kink)!!!!